Preparation of the Strategic Plan for the Penitentiary General Department

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  • Dates (start/end) : February –March 2010
    Overall project value (EUR): 53.120
    Origin of funding: CTB / DFID / SIDA
    Name of client: Belgian Technical Cooperation
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    This mission carried out in the framework of the programme for Institutional and Operational support to the justice sector in Burundi, funded by Belgium, United Kingdom and Sweden; aims at empowering the Direction General for Penitentiary affairs (French acronym DGAP Direction Générale des Affaires Pénitentiaires) to accomplish its mission according to Burundian Law. In particular, by elaborating a plan that is to represent a structured, dynamic and operational reference framework for facilitating coordination among the various national and international stakeholders involved in the Penitentiary System.
    The technical assistance team has to facilitate DGAP’s staff in the assessment of the main needs of the institution, as well as in the identification of clear priorities in line with the related national policy. Keeping in mind strengths and weaknesses of DGAP, the technical assistance team has also to elaborate an action plan structured to allow the various stakeholders to fund and implement the single activities directed to the achievement of the results of the plan.

    The expected results of the technical assistance mission are:

    • A multi-annual strategy identifying the main components of the reforms;
    • A feasible action plan (logical framework, work-plan and budget) listing the main activities to be carried out;
    • That the resources made available at national and international level are incorporated to the plan;
    • That the plan is elaborated through a participatory process and approved by the Sectorial Committee “Justice – Rule of Law”

    The mission is articulated in five phases:

    • Preliminary review and conceptualisation of the strategy (briefing with the contracting authority, desk review of related documents, elaboration of the methodology and tools for data collection, preparation of the inception report)
    • Data collection (interviews with the main stakeholders, field visits to penitentiary establishments, etc.)
    • Analysis and planning (Analysis of the data collected, identification of the potential priorities)
    • Elaboration of the strategic plan
    • Validation of the plan through a workshop with the stakeholders, finalisation and elaboration of the final report.

    Type of services provided

    Ideaborn provided the technical assistance team including:
    – 1 expert in strategic planning
    – 1 expert in penitentiary affairs
    Logistic and administrative support to the experts’ team (analysis of available information, quality check of the documents elaborated, linguistic review, logistics management, etc.)