Peacebuilding and Good Governance

Peacebuilding and Good Governance

  • Technical Assistance to the programme “Regional development, Peace and Stability II”

    Place: Bogotá

    The general objective of the “Regional Development, Peace and Stability II” Programme is to strengthen the conditions for development, peace and reconciliation trough initiatives that promote human, territorial, alternative and socio-economic development. Its specific objective is to “support social, political, cultural and strategic economic initiatives which are necessary for the promotion of regional development and pacific coexistence”. The objective of the contract is to provide the technical assistance to support the Government of Colombia (beneficiary) in the implementation of the Programme “Regional Development, Peace and Stability II”. In particular, the technical assistance (TA) will help the beneficiary with: (i) Tasks Read more [...]

  • Technical assistance to the Programme “Social Cohesion support”

    Place: Panama City
    Panama City

    Objective of the Project “Support to the Social Cohesion in Panama” is to contribute to reduce social and territorial inequities in Panama, in the Framework of the institutional modernization processes as well as social cohesion policies in the country. The Project supports the national policy aiming at modernizing State institutions and reducing social and territorial inequities and differences in provinces and indigenous areas, which are more vulnerable from economic growth and development. The strategy to solve these problems relies on 2 guidelines: Focusing the intervention on a specific municipal area: municipalities have been conceived as territorial spaces built on 3 Read more [...]

  • Technical Assistance to Program Uruguay Integral – Social and Territorial Cohesion OPP / EU

    Place: Uruguay

    This Project foresees the provision of technical assistance to the Uruguayan Presidency’s Office of Budget and Planning in the implementation of the programme Uruguay Integra. Its specific objective is to activate a sustainable process of productive and social development at both local and regional level so as to strengthen the attractive capacity of the local community through a joint effort of the Departmental Government and local actors as foreseen in the policies of productive and social development and of decentralization promoted by the National Government. Technical Assistance has to: Support the Office of Budget and Planning and Departmental and Local Read more [...]

  • Diagnostic and proposal of modern mechanisms for corruption prevention in the judicial body.

    Place: El Salvador
    San Salvador

    The justice system represents, for contemporary democracies, one of the main guarantors of the Rule of Law, in this sense it is even clearer how threatening practices of corruption and impunity in judicial institutions are. In this framework, in El Salvador the Project for the Modernization of the Judicial System initiated in 2004 under the auspices of the World Bank. Such project has 5 main components: i. Strengthen the Institutional Management of the Judicial System; ii. Modernize the Justice Tribunals; iii. Improve knowledge sharing in order to enhance transparency and access to justice; iv. Develop professional quality and competition among Read more [...]

  • EU support to African Union Training Centres in Peace and Security

    Place: Ethiopia
    Addis abeba

    The objective of the Africa-EU Partnership on Peace and Security is to cooperate in enhancing the capacity of Africa and EU to respond timely and adequately to security threats. Under the leadership of the AU, the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) is taking shape. The EU is well placed to provide continued support for the AU and sub-regional organisations (SRO) in their efforts to operationalize the APSA, including through capacity building for the various structures provided therein. The Joint Strategy establishes several strategic priorities in the area of peace and security, including: -Ensure adequate, coherent and sustainable support for Read more [...]

  • Realization of three international Conferences on “Mines Risk Education”, ”Victims Assistance”, “Humanitarian Demining”

    Place: Bogotá

    The overall objective of this nationwide project, “Strengthening of the National Colombian Capacity in the Action against Mines” of which is part the present contract, is “to contribute to the regional development for the free mobilization of people and a better understanding of the landmines situation”. In particular, the technical support should provide the national program “integral action against mines” (PPAICMA, in its Colombian acronym) with the professional services (operational, administrative and logistic) for the organization and realization of three international seminars and related workshops, “Mine Risk Education”, “Assistance to Victims”, “Humanitarian Demining in Colombia: Challenges and Prospects for the Read more [...]