Rule of law

Rule of law

  • Evaluation of the Justice support programme (Pro Justicia 2)

    Place: Bolivia
    La Paz

    The Justice support programme (“Pro-Justicia” in Spanish) aims at improving Rule of Law and access to justice, focusing specifically on the protection of the most vulnerable groups, in particular indigenous population, women and youth. The programme is articulated in three components: 1. Improvement of the coverage of the justice system by supporting the establishment of 15 municipal  centres offering judicial support and the access to alternative conflict resolution mechanisms; 2. Improvement of the performance and management of justice in Bolivia providing institutional support to key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Justice (including the Public Defense), the Prosecutor Office (including Read more [...]

  • Technical Assistance to the programme “Institutional Strengthening for the Assistance to Victims – FORVIC”

    Place: Bogotá

    Provision of technical assistance and consultancy services for the Programme Management Unit (PMU) and beneficiary institutions to carry out the project ‘Institutional Strengthening for Assistance to Victims’. The objective of this project is to contribute to the strengthening of the rule of law and to combating impunity, in order that victims of human rights violations and breaches of international human rights may claim their rights to truth, justice and reparation, and to achieve the following results: victims of conflict participate in and have access to the judicial and administrative means to obtain truth, justice and reparation of their rights; State Read more [...]

  • EU Gender Advisory Services

    Place: Brussels

    Strengthen the capacity of EU staff at headquarters and Delegations to mainstream gender equality and women’s empowerment in all EU external cooperation instruments and across development cooperation sectors, and to conduct an informed policy and political dialogue on gender, according to the EU Action Plan on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment. Specific Objectives: A. Mainstream a gender perspective in core EU training courses: Conflict Prevention, Crisis Management and Peace building | Human Rights and democratization | Program and Project Cycle Management | Budget Support | Policy Dialogue | Water and sanitation | Private sector | Energy | Agriculture, environment, natural Read more [...]

  • Support to the Community Courts in Eritrea

    Place: Keren

    Ideaborn’s team elaborated the winning proposal together with ARS Progetti’s team; At the start-up of the project, due to health problem of the TL just some weeks before the beginning, ARS Progetti asked Mr Guardans, ideaborn’s Director, to act as Deputy Team Leader in order to guarantee the time schedule of activities. The contract aims at providing technical assistance “to improve the services of Community Courts in Eritrea”: project “aims at strengthening the Community Courts in Eritrea, through capacity building activities targeting the Ministry of Justice Community Court Coordinating Offices at central and regional level, through training of Community Courts Read more [...]

  • Elaboration of the Sector Policy of the Justice ministry for the period 2011-2015

    Place: Burundi

    Project in the framework of the programme for Institutional and Operational support to the justice sector in Burundi; it is a multi-donor programme funded by Belgium, United Kingdom and Sweden; project give a specific gender-based approach to programming. General objective of this project is to contribute to the reinforcement of the Rule of Law and to access to an efficacy equal and impartial justice for the population of Burundi; specific objectives are: – to create a national consensus about priorities, strategies and activities to be implemented in order to reach an accessibility, efficacy and impartiality of the justice sector and Read more [...]

  • Formulation of Governance Programme in The Gambia: Component Access to Justice and Legal Education

    Place: The Gambia

    The overall objective of this assignment is to support the formulation of the “Access to justice and Legal Education” component of the Governance Programme in Gambia: Carry out a capacity level analysis of the stakeholders related to the three result areas (including the establishment of baseline data) Expand and complete existing problem analysis in the result areas Expected outputs of the project: Capacity level analysis report highlighting the potential contribution of the stakeholders to each of the three results To do that the report will document: Past and present activity and outputs of the stakeholders Inputs and resources available to Read more [...]