Transition from post-conflict to democracy

Transition from post-conflict to democracy

  • EU support to African Union Training Centres in Peace and Security

    Place: Ethiopia
    Addis abeba

    The objective of the Africa-EU Partnership on Peace and Security is to cooperate in enhancing the capacity of Africa and EU to respond timely and adequately to security threats. Under the leadership of the AU, the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) is taking shape. The EU is well placed to provide continued support for the AU and sub-regional organisations (SRO) in their efforts to operationalize the APSA, including through capacity building for the various structures provided therein. The Joint Strategy establishes several strategic priorities in the area of peace and security, including: -Ensure adequate, coherent and sustainable support for Read more [...]

  • Mid-term Evaluation: Integrated Action to support vulnerable population in USME (Bogotá) and in some of the poorest and violent neighbourhoods of Medellin (“comuna”/slum 8 ,13)

    Place: Bogotá

    The project to evaluate aims at reducing the problems faced by displaced people due to internal conflicts. To that end one of the cornerstones of this initiative is to build up and/or rebuild the social network of displaced communities within their new urban environment. Another milestone is to push for the socioeconomic reorganization and recovery of the people displaced without neither affecting nor discriminating those exiting vulnerable people in the receiving communities. Last but not least it aims at supporting those Non State Actors that support the vulnerable regardless of whether they are displaced or not. A midterm evaluation cannot Read more [...]

  • Study to Assess Durable Solutions: Support to Displaced People

    Place: Montenegro

    The global objective was to define the 2008 IPA (instruments for- EU- pre accession Countries) programme to support displaced people in Montenegro. A special focus was given to the identification of the most appropriate legal mechanism of assistance to be able to assist the government of Montenegro to build a non-discriminatory environment regarding access to justice and individual rights. The issue is of enormous relevance for a country in which refugees and internally displaced people accounts for almost 4 % of the population. The specific objectives of the project were: – Mainly, to provide assistance to the Institute for the Read more [...]

  • Support to the Commission of Refugees Serbia and the Coordination Centre for Kosovo displaced people

    Place: Serbia
    Gornje Komarice

    The funds for the Project were provided by the European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR) and consisted in the deep research of the Serbian governmental agencies and their involvement with the refugees and displaced people in the Kosovo conflict. The intervention background was the reduction of the UNHCR funds to the Collective Centres established at the outbreak of the war to shelter the Serb refugees that came to Serbia from other former Yugoslav republics. The main goal was to suggest ways to strengthen the local institutions and their ability to assist those refugees in their decision to return to home or Read more [...]