Violence and Crime prevention

Violence and Crime prevention

  • Technical Assistance to the Poverty Reduction programme – Community Development Advisor

    Place: Jamaica

    The overall objective of the project of which this contract is part “Poverty Reduction Programme (PRP) is to empower residents of volatile communities to achieve their fullest potential and to contribute to the attainment of a secure, cohesive and just Jamaican society. The specific objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is “to contribute to inclusive growth and equitable development by fostering economic wellbeing and enhanced quality of life for residents of volatile communities”. The Poverty Reduction Programme represents a coherent, long-term support of the European Union to one of the most disadvantaged and marginalised Read more [...]

  • Feasibility Study for a project to prevent juvenile violence in Kinshasa

    Place: Democratic Republic of the Congo

    This initiative is a part of the Peace Consolidation Fund funded by the German cooperation in RDC. The feasibility study is aimed at identifying an initiative to prevent juvenile violence in disadvantaged neighbourhoods of Kinshasa by promoting socio-economic insertion and urban development. The initiative, with an expected overall budget of 10 M€, will then be implemented by KfW on behalf of the Ministry of Plan. The logic behind the intervention is that juvenile violence can be prevented by: offering to young people coming from disadvantaged areas and prone to enter gangs alternatives through study and labour insertion; favouring the development Read more [...]

  • Evaluation of the implementation of the National Strategy for Good Governance and the Fight against Corruption

    Place: Burundi

    The Burundian Government has prepared the National Strategy for Good Governance and the Fight against Corruption in 2011. The strategy includes objectives related to the different aspects of governance: political and democratic governance, administrative governance, economic and sectorial governance as well as the fight against corruption as a transversal element. The strategy is implemented by different ministries coordinated by that of Good Governance and Privatisation. The latter is supported technically and financially by the Belgian Technical Cooperation. The external evaluation is carried out through a participatory approach where the different actors that implement the strategy are progressively called to participate Read more [...]

  • Forming responsible Citizens – Citizenship Education to prevent juvenile violence

    Place: Morocco
    Ouled Khellouf

      The Forming Responsible Citizens (FRC) project is labeled by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and financed by the Kingdom of Norway and the Principality of Monaco. Country: Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon Dates (start/end): April 2015, October 2018                       Poster                    Leaflet           State of Play   See the newsletters of the project:       1º Edition  (04-2017)      2º Edition (07-2017)  3º Edtion(01-2018) Please, use this link to register for the Newsletter of the project “Forming Responsible Citizens” See all the news of the project :  all the news    More info: the Forming Responsible Citizens is cordinated by Read more [...]

  • Videoconference cycle on the theme of violence prevention

    Place: Bogotá

    In collaboration with Development Connections, the ideaborn Foundation organizes a webconference cycle, which aims to present not only the situation, but also practical solutions from different entities and perspectives in Latin America; This is done by proposing a presentation of the greatest challenges in terms of violence in the region and success stories, focusing the debate on prevention. The cycle of web conferences has the following objectives: Disseminate information on the situation of violence in Latin America. To promote the exchange of experiences in the approach to the prevention of violence in its different forms and contexts. Analyze the dimensions Read more [...]

  • Technical working group on the confluence of urban security and peacebuilding

    Place: Carrer Comercial, 2

    The Technical Working Group meets under the auspices of the United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG) and is facilitated by the United Nations Safer Cities Program and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform. The Working Group also works in the context of the progress of the initiatives of cities under the Global Network on Safer Cities. The Technical Working Group brings together focal points on urban security with professionals from the community of peacebuilding, peace mediation and conflict prevention, with the goal of creating solutions to the problem of urban insecurity; a constant problem that has been growing rapidly. Over a period Read more [...]