Expert Conference- Reviewing the State of Safety in Cities- ideaborn in Geneva



On 26-27 June 2017 ideaborn is participating in the international expert conference for urban safety strategies “Reviewing the State of Safety in Cities: Maison de la Paix – Geneva”.

This conference aims to generate both debate and advice in order to reinforce strategies of peace-building in the city. Furthermore, key points of an agenda for the next biannual world conference of the Geneva Cities Forum will be established there.

The conference’s specific focus lies on the state of safety in small and medium cities. The event is the first of a biannual conference series in Geneva and is part of UN-Habitat’s Global Partnership Initiative on Urban Safety. Activities at the conference aim to facilitate stronger partnerships – through the establishment of a Geneva Cities Forum – between local and national governments, international organizations, academia and other relevant stakeholders to ensure commitment to sustainable development and urbanization over the next 15 years.

Ideaborn brings with it extensive expertise in the areas of violence prevention and social cohesion, as well as the knowledge of how to establish participatory approaches and open processes between local actors, civil society and local authorities. This expertise will manifest itself in Ideaborn’s contribution to and participation in several of the working groups. For more information see the program here below:

“Reviewing the State of Safety in Cities: Maison de la Paix – Geneva”

Key projects in the field of urban safety strategy managed by our group are the programs “Fondo Recuerda” (FR) in Latin and Central America, and “Forming Responsible Citizens” (FRC) in the Euro Mediterranean region. Both projects are focalized in strengthening the importance of a participative and open dialogue between local authorities and the civil society, mediated by a participative approach and cohesive actions involving different stakeholders.