Ideaborn art competition: equal opportunities for all participating artists


The ideaborn art competition reflects our vision of valuing art as an important tool to contribute to the development of a country or people. With the art contest we would like to contribute to  the cultural dialogue and to encourage reflection on the economic and social reality of a country in Asia, Africa or Latin America and the Caribbean.

It's the same vision that the ideaborn team puts into the design, monitoring, implementation and evaluation of all the projects and programs that it carries out.

Behind each initiative is a team working with the desire to achieve the very best results. In the case of the art competition, what we value most is the great motivation and cultural richness that artists demonstrate each year - it offers us a unique insight to a way of life and society.

This year, for the first time in 6 editions of the ideaborn art competition, we have had to exclude the work that had obtained the highest score in the evaluation of the judges .

This was due to non-compliance of the terms and conditions of the contest, expressed in the registration form that is signed by all the artists.

Given what has happened, we hereby announce that the prize for the 2017 Art of Ideaborn competition will be awarded to the second placed art work called Fifty-Fifty, by Mr. Frank Baltodano de León.

We thank the judges for the attention they give to each work submitted to the contest and to all the artists for their interest and participation.

The ideaborn team.