Quality network

Red de CalidadSeeking to keep relations with its partners through the world, ideaborn, for about ten years, developed a quality network bringing together consultants and institutions; including entities and expert consultants in different sectors of specialization, which allow us to give a rapid response to a wide range of initiatives (offers of projects, audit, works of research, etc.).
ideaborn, supported by an experimented team in tendering and international cooperation project, offers back-up services to consultants, to accompany them in their missions (logistical and administrative support, translations, research, analysis of document-key, revision of text, etc.).

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Foundation-ideaborn, is a non-profit organization whose central mission is the promotion and dissemination of human rights. It works by supporting synergies between public institutions at local level and civil society organizations, through actions to support the vulnerable population, governments and local bodies on issues related to access to justice, support to the population in the Knowledge of their rights, the obligations of the State towards them and of them with society (training in rights); And the exercise of rights. It also seeks to create synergies between alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and ordinary justice with a view to providing quality justice.

The ideaborn foundation boasts the Technical Secretariat of the FONDORECUERDA initiative. The mission of FONDO RECUERDA is to reduce violence and juvenile and child crime by promoting and strengthening municipal strategies based on the use of sport and the arts, strengthening local democracy and creating synergies between the Public sector and private enterprise.
The initiative is conducted with the important collaboration of the Esquipulas Foundation (Guatemala), UN HABITAT and currently benefits the cities of Medellín (Colombia), San Salvador (El Salvador) and Corregidora (Mexico).

In USA Ideaborn works primarily with ideaborn US. Whose mission is to provide technical assistance and institutional support to strengthen institutional actions in the field of violence prevention and juvenile crime, especially in the territory of the United States and other countries around the world. It also works on the identification, implementation and evaluation of justice and governance programs in Latin America, Africa and Asia; And offers a support service to consultants working on the cycle of justice.