ideabor’s team is composed by a group of local and international professionals with years of international experience in the framework of cooperation for development and the promotion of Human Rights, in private firms, international institutions as well as NGOs.

Ideaborn’s team


Jaume Guardans
Executive Director
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Jaume is a graduate in Law from the Universidad Central de Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) and holds a diploma in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University SAIS-BC (USA/Italy). He has further specialised in Human Rights at Strasburg (IHRL) and in Barcelona (ESADE). He has also been a visiting scholar at the Washington College of Law, American University Washington.
He has been working in the field of international aid since 1987 and he has extensive knowledge of the processes involved in strengthening Rule of Law, having participated as a long-term international consultant in Colombia, The Lebanon, Palestine, Bosnia Herzegovina, Rwanda and Burundi. He has also worked as a short-term consultant in the Balkans, Middle East, the Maghreb, Latina America and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Jaume is the founder and executive director of ideaborn.
He coordinates the general strategy of the different departments of the group and personally handles the quality control of the work produced by ideaborn.
Since July 2012 he has been the technical assistance Team Leader for the FORVIC Project (Spanish Acronym), Fortalecimiento Institucional para la Asistencia a las Víctimas en Colombia (Institutional Strengthening for Assistance to Victims in Colombia), financed by the EU.
He speaks Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Italian


José Mario Mannino
Development Director
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Mario completed technical and administrative studies at the Colegio Nacional de Guaymallén, Argentina.  He has more than 30 years' experience in the field of international aid and in the management of development projects in different subject areas in numerous countries in the Mediterranean, Africa, the Middle East, Far East and Latin America.
He has been the manager and director of various Italian companies which operate in the fields of training, territorial development and international aid with funding from the Italian government, the European Social Fund, the European Commission and international banks.
He has experience in all technical, organisational, and financial aspects of company management and specific projects of varying nature.
In 2008 he collaborated with ideaborn on the setting up of an office in Colombia and he is currently the General Manager of Promotion, taking charge of the supervision of bids and national and international tenders, as well as driving the group's development in its sectors of intervention.
He speaks Spanish and Italian and has a working knowledge of English, French and Portuguese


Carolina Jaimes Castro
ideaborn Director for Latina America and the Caribbean
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She is a lawyer with a Postgrad in the Administrative Law. She has more than 10 years' professional experience, working on European Union projects, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation and the Colombian Ministry of Justice. She is an expert in international aid agreements, EU and Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation contractual procedure and in the establishing of agreements between public bodies and private entities. She was the manager of the first Mobile Unit providing care and counselling to victims of the armed conflict in Colombia and the Coordinator of the National Consumer Protection Network for the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce in Colombia. She is experienced in the coordination of projects at national level as the link between central government and municipal authorities, as well as the supervision and coordination of working groups and training and socialization projects. She was recognised as the best professional-level civil servant in the Interior and Justice Ministry.
Carolina is in charge of searching for opportunities for the promotion of the Rule of Law (Justice Cycle and Good Governance) in Latin America and the Caribbean. She also oversees the administrative management of the contracts and projects awarded to ideaborn in her region.
She speaks Spanish and English


Administration and Finance


Judit Figarola
Administration and Finance
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Judit studied Accounting and Administration at the Instituto Politécnico Sant Ignaci. She holds a Post-Graduate degree in Financial Analysis from Universidad Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona.
She has more than 15 years' experience as head of the Administration and Finance departments in various companies in different sectors.
At ideaborn she is in charge of the Management of Administration and Finance, supporting the General Director in the running of the different ideaborn offices and in the administrative, logistical and financial management of contracts and projects.
She speaks Spanish, Catalan, French and English


Maris Stella Morales
Administration and  Finance
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Maris studied Humanities and Oriental Studies at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, with a principal focus on Art and Thought. He has worked as the executive secretary to Grupo Ferrer Internacional and as the Hall Operations Manager in the Fira Gran Vía, among other companies. Simultaneously he has collaborated with the Centro de Estudios de las Tradiciones de Sabiduría as a lecturer on three courses about Islam.
He was an organising member of the European Shakuhachi Society Summer School which took place in Barcelona in July 2013 and July 2016; as well as collaborating with the Barcelona Unesco Association for Interreligious Dialogue as a volunteer. He has also written articles about art for the website Homines.
Maris is in charge of organizing and administering the ideaborn archive, as well as supporting the promotion and external collaborators team in the preparation of proposals.
Maris speaks Spanish, Catalan, English and French as well as some Italian, German, Romanian and Arabic.


Project Management

Toni López
Project Manager
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Toni López holds a Bachelor's degree in Political and Administrative Sciences, with a specialization in the form of a Master's degree in Public and Social Policies from Pompeu Fabra University -Johns Hopkins University. He also has a Postgraduate degree in Management and Planning of Non-profit Organizations at the Open University of Catalonia and Management and Planning of European Projects with a Master at PIXEL (international education and training institute) in Florence. Since 2010 he has held various roles and responsibilities in different organizations in the public and voluntary sectors. He has served as an international consultant based in Brussels in the field of international cooperation, social responsibility, internationalization, development, youth entrepreneurship, and as a trainer in access to European funds.

In ideaborn, Toni develops international initiatives and projects in the fields of human rights and education.

He speaks Catalan, Spanish, English and French.


Isaline Ameryckx
Project Manager
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Isaline studied Political Science in Belgium, with a specialisation in the field of international relations. Before working with ideaborn she worked in a Belgian consultancy company for 4 years, where she was in charge of tender correspondence. She has also participated in various NGO evaluation programs on diverse topics such as capacity building, education for development and food sovereignty. Isaline coordinates the compiling and drafting of proposals for the Strengthening of Rule of Law (Justice Cycle and Good Governance).
She speaks French, English and Spanish





Beatrice Gelsi
Community Manager
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Beatrice is a graduate in History from the Universidad de RomaTre (Italy) and holds a Master's in International Aid and Economic Development from the UniLink Campus (Italy). In addition she studied communication and journalism at the Fundación Basso in Rome. Before joining ideaborn, she was involved with various Italian NGOs where she honed her knowledge of Aid for Development.
Beatrice is responsible for ideaborn's corporate image and works on promoting and increasing the visibility of contracts and projects.  She also participates actively in the planning and management of fundraising campaigns.
She speaks Italian Spanish and English



Gemma Aubarell Solduga
Senior Consultant

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Gemma Aubarell Solduga Degree in Politics and Sociology (UCM Madrid), Master in European studies (ULB Brussels) and in Business Administration (UOC Barcelona).

She has been Head of Programme and Networks Unit of the Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures (Alexandria, Egypt) where she has been working 2009 to 2016. Among some of the last programmes she was responsible: the Dawrak-Citizens for Dialogue (2012-2014) supported by the EC about youth participation in public life in the Arab countries and the Mapping of Translation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region (2015) Euromed Translation. Involved in the Euro Mediterranean relations since 1989, she was Director of the Programmes Department at the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) in Barcelona, where she worked till 2008. During her career she coordinated major initiatives and events, she has been responsible and coordinator of key Mediterranean resources (Afkar Ideas and Mediterranean Yearbook till 2008, Anna Lindh Report on Intercultural Trends editions 2012 and 2014). More recently she was responsible of the elaboration of the Handbook on Intercultural Citizenship Education edited by the Anna Lindh Foundation in 2017. She is editor of collective books and author of many articles regarding civil society, migrations, intercultural dialogue and euro-med relations issues. She is currently member of the GRITIM-UPF Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration in the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.
In ideaborn Gemma coordinates the management of Education Programs. 
She speaks Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Italian



Nathalie Gendre
FONDO RECUERDA Manager and Training Programs Supervisor
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Natalie is a graduate of Fribourg University (Switzerland) and holds a Diploma in International Relations from the London School of Economics, as well as a Master's in Analysis and Resolution of International Conflicts from the University of Kent in Brussels and an Extension Diploma in Prevention of Crime and Violence among Young People from the Institute of Political Affairs at the Universidad de Chile.
Nathalie coordinates, on behalf of ideaborn, the Technical Secretariat of a program for the strengthening of the impact of actions for the prevention of violence and juvenile crime in cities in America and the Americas.
In ideaborn she also contributes to the devising and monitoring of training programs in subjects and focal areas related to the diffusion of human rights and good governance.
She speaks French, German Spanish and English


Maria Auxiliadora Rivas
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She is a Graduate in Law from the Universidad Centroamericana "Jose Simeon Cañas" UCA, in El Salvador. She is a lawyer and holds a Master's degree in Attention to Violence in the Family. She is a former fellow of the Regional Program for Human Rights for Latin America organized by the Raoul Wallenberg Institute from the University of Lund, Sweden in collaboration with the Instituto Interamericano de Derechos Humanos IIDH. She has studied human rights and gender mainstreaming in countries such as The US, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru, Brazil, Switzerland and Sweden. She holds a Postgraduate Degree in Research and Intervention in violence against women for gender reasons from the Universidad Tecnologica de El Salvador.
She is a consultant for regional, national and international bodies on the subject of human rights, gender mainstreaming and victimology, as well as an evaluator of aid programs.
She works with ideaborn in El Salvador as Country Representative and is a collaborator in the Fondo Recuerda Program


Angela Torres
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Angela is a political scientist and historian, with a specialization in The State, Public Policy, and Development from the Universidad de los Andes de Bogotá, Colombia. She has six years' experience in program and project management, formulation, implementation and monitoring of public policy focused on transitional justice, comprehensive reparation, and historical memory in public and private institutions. She managed the High Council for the Rights of Victims, Peace and Reconciliation of the Centre for Memory, Peace and Reconciliation in Bogotá 2013 -2015.
In ideaborn she performs the role of Promotion Officer for Colombia.