PROFIS Programme – Supporting the Peace Process in Colombia – Component 3: Victim’s participation

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  • Dates (start/end) : March-December 2013
    Overall project value (EUR): 299.600
    Origin of funding: GIZ (German Cooperation)
    Name of client: GIZ PROFIS Programme
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    The objective of the project is to support the Colombian Office of the Public Prosecutor to effectively implement the Justice and Peace Law taking into account international doctrines, jurisprudence and lessons learned from comparable transitional justice processes in other countries. Special attention needs to be paid to the victims, especially women and minorities, such as the indigenous population and Afro-Colombians.

    One of the results expected is to facilitate the participation of the victims into the process of implementation through the following activities:

    • Increase the number of sentences regarding vulnerable population.
    • Develop a coherent approach to the trials against guerrilla members
    • Develop a protocol to improve the participation of victims through an increased involvement of existing institutions and civil society actors.

    The current contract is aimed at implementing the third component:

    • analysing potential strategies to improve participation,
    • identifying specific activities to increase the capacities of the victims to effectively participate to the process and
      discussing the findings with civil society and public institutions.

    Type of services provided

    Three phases were identified to implement the project:
    Phase 1- Diagnostic: analyse and verify the different existing programmes, protocols, map road and schemes existing in terms of victim’s protection and witnesses in Colombia.
    Phase 2 – Exploratory study: interviews of 60 witnesses and victims who have asked for protection measures into the three on-going programs in Colombia and participated in emblematic cases in which the programme focuses its support. Moreover, an auto-protection guide in Justice and Peace for the victims has been developed.
    Phase 3 – Final report and pamphlets: elaboration of the final report with recommendations to improve the public policy.
    Permanent Backstopping provided by ideaborn from its offices and representatives in Barcelona/Spain; Bogotá/Colombia, in particular though 3 types of support:
    Technical, methodological support
    Administrative support
    Logistic support