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Quality Network

Seeking to keep relations with its partners through the world, ideaborn, for about twenty years, developed a quality network bringing together consultants and institutions; including entities and expert consultants in different sectors of specialization, which allow us to give a rapid response to a wide range of initiatives (offers of projects, audit, works of research, etc.).

Network of Consultants

Independent consultants intervene promptly in the execution of initiatives implemented by ideaborn and its partners. The associate consultants also collaborate in the identification and formulation of these initiatives, as well as in quality control and in the evaluation of the products. Ideaborn, through a team with extensive experience in the area of tenders and international cooperation projects, offers support services to consultants to accompany them in technical assistance missions (revision of texts, translations, search, analysis and systematization of relevant documentation, logistical and administrative support, the use of the virtual platform, etc.)