Uraba Adelante. Civil Society and State strengthening in a conflict environment

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  • Dates (start/end) : October 2005 -Februay 2006
    Overall project value (EUR): 80.000
    Origin of funding: Ideaborn, Academy for Educational Development AED
    Name of client: Ideaborn, Academy for Educational Development AED
    Name of consortium members: Governement of Antioquia, Chamber of Commerce of Urabá, ANDI, Araulo Ibarra.
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    Framing the Colombian conflict, the demobilisation of paramilitaries and their integration into society, the Academy for Educational Development and Ideaborn joined efforts to prepare a proposal aimed at facilitating the coexistance and social progress between victims and perpetrators.

    The project worked on different areas such as strengthening the access to justice, conflict resolution and conflict prevention mechanisms. In the specific field of access to justice in a post conflict environment, the project included the establishment of 11 municipality based “Centres for Access to Justice and Community Services”. The formulation demanded a proactive and highly participative successful exercise with the national Ministry of Justice and Interior, the provincial and local authorities and the civil society representatives.

    Type of services provided

    Ideaborn provided two consultants who proceeded with the project formulation previously identified by the Academy for Educational Development. In the implementation of its tasks, ideaborn planed and directed workshops following the Project Cycle Methodology.
    – Justice and Human Rights expert.
    – Cooperation and sustainable development expert.