Technical Assistance to the programme “Regional development, Peace and Stability II”

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  • Dates (start/end) : Nov.2011- Feb 2014
    Overall project value (EUR): 500.000
    Origin of funding: European Commission
    Name of client: European Commission
    Name of consortium members: CISP + ideaborn foundation
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    The general objective of the “Regional Development, Peace and Stability II” Programme is to strengthen the conditions for development, peace and reconciliation trough initiatives that promote human, territorial, alternative and socio-economic development.
    Its specific objective is to “support social, political, cultural and strategic economic initiatives which are necessary for the promotion of regional development and pacific coexistence”.
    The objective of the contract is to provide the technical assistance to support the Government of Colombia (beneficiary) in the implementation of the Programme “Regional Development, Peace and Stability II”. In particular, the technical assistance (TA) will help the beneficiary with: (i) Tasks related to technical, methodological and strategic advising for the efficient conduct of the Programme, as well as inputs for the elaboration of public policy. (ii) Administrative, preparatory and complementary tasks related to the planning, supervision, elaboration of reports on the components of the Project, hiring and financial management.
    In particular in the regions, support will be lent to the axis related to:

    • the implementation of integrative actions which generate work and food security;
    • the build-up of the capacity of local, regional and national public institutions and civilian institutions;
    • the promotion of actions of civil society;
    • legal and sustainable alternatives for vulnerable populations which produce illicit crops.

    Type of services provided

    The main services provided for this technical assistance are :
    supporting the social action, the responsible of the strategic territorial processes and the projects of the department administration for a good planning, implementing, and systematization of the technical and methodological aspects.
    Contributing to the improvement of technical and administrative capacities of the development and peace group and other organisations, through monitoring and coordination of the activities.
    1 permanent expert category I, as consultant for a total of 370 w/d – expert in governance, local development, conflict resolution and management, and work with victims of conflict
    Various experts category I, for short term supporting missions, who will contribute their capacities, experiences and high level knowledge for the support of the execution of activities specific to the project in a satisfactory manner, following the execution requirements, for a total of 460 w/d (territorial planning, commercialization, systematization, gender, human rights)
    Constant backstopping service, in particular from the office in Colombia.