Mid-term evaluation of the project “Strengthening the Efficiency and Credibility of the Criminal Justice System and Enhancinq the Rule of Law in Iraq”

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  • Dates (start/end) : 02/2017 – 05/ 2017
    Overall project value (EUR): 70.626
    Origin of funding: European Commission
    Name of client: EU Delegation to Iraq
    Name of consortium members: ARS Progetti
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    The project aims at supporting institutional building of beneficiary institutions and link capacity building of the targeted institutions with effective delivery of services to citizens.

    The expected results of the programme focus on three priorities:

    • Result 1: Iraqi justice authorities have improved capacity in policy planning and coordination, law enforcement and revision, allowing for stronger compliance with Iraq’s internal and international commitments.
    • Result 2: The quality of criminal investigations is improved and the use of confession-based convictions is reduced, through consensus on the criminal procedure.
    • Result 3: The existing legal aid system is improved; vulnerable groups have increased access to justice through legal counsel, and prisoners benefit from improved detention conditions.

    The objective of the mid-term evaluation is to assess the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the project in terms of achievements, opportunities for adaption to the current context.

    The purpose of this evaluation is to provide EU and Iraqi partners with sufficient information on the performance of the project in the current crisis context and recommendations for recalibration of the project for the remaining implementation period while keeping the financial decision unchanged.

    Type of services provided

    • Evaluación del rendimiento del programa, centrándose en su pertinencia, eficiencia, eficacia e impacto
    • Identificación de lecciones clave y propuesta de recomendación para la recalibración
    • Informes (intermedios y finales) con un resumen ejecutivo.
    • Un proyecto de informe final