Civil Society Development Programme, (legal) capacity Building.

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  • Dates (start/end) : January 2005 - February 2005
    Overall project value (EUR): 55.000
    Origin of funding: European Commission MEDA
    Name of client: B&S EUROPE / European Commission delegation in Syria
    Name of consortium members: B&S EUROPE
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    The mission was carried out in the framework of a Civil Society Development Program, a European Union initiative aiming at strengthening associations and their activities in Syria.
    The legislation expert provided by ideaborn was in charge of the following:

    • Carrying out a comparative analysis of laws regulating associations and foundations in EU countries,
    • Analyzing the constitution of Syria, the State of Exception Law (applicable law), the Associations´ Law, related amendments and regulations, as well as other relevant legislations,
    • Elaborating a study on the Syrian legislative framework related to association regulation with recommendations for the elimination of the bottlenecks that make difficult the creation and free operation of non-governmental organizations.
    • Organizing (and participating in) a seminar aiming at fostering the debate and reform of the associations´ law with the participation of jurists, activists of human rights, NGOs managers, the Employment and Social Issues Ministry and other members of the administration.
    • The expert worked in coordination with two civil society experts that were in charge of mapping the civil society organizations in Syria

    Type of services provided

    Law and human rights legislation expert that provided a comparative study of NGOs legislation, an analysis of Syrian legislation and coordinated a workshop to disseminate both papers.