Evaluation of the Justice support programme (Pro Justicia 2)

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  • Dates (start/end) : October-November 2012
    Overall project value (EUR): 66.607
    Origin of funding: DANIDA
    Name of client: DANIDA
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    The Justice support programme (“Pro-Justicia” in Spanish) aims at improving Rule of Law and access to justice, focusing specifically on the protection of the most vulnerable groups, in particular indigenous population, women and youth.

    The programme is articulated in three components:

    1. Improvement of the coverage of the justice system by supporting the establishment of 15 municipal  centres offering judicial support and the access to alternative conflict resolution mechanisms;

    2. Improvement of the performance and management of justice in Bolivia providing institutional support to key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Justice (including the Public Defense), the Prosecutor Office (including the Institute for Forensic Investigation) and the Council of Magistrates.

    3. Strengthening accountability and demand by supporting the Ombudsman and the Network for Participation and Justice (NGOs network).

    The governmental agreement for the programme was signed in July 2009 but, for various reasons, implementation did not start until January 2010; in 2012 it was extended until 2014; in this framework this evaluation focused in particular on the following issues:

    • Objectives and results reached: analysis of the global achievements; analysis of each component (integrated justice services; institutional strengthening; grant scheme for civil society)
    • Priorities for future cooperation between Denmark and Bolivia as well as changes in the Bolivian justice legislative framework to be taken into consideration for future programmes
    • Programme management / execution procedures
    • Harmonization

    Particular importance is to be accorded to the incorporation of the transversal themes of gender equality and indigenous justice.

    Type of services provided

    Desk review and stakeholder analysis
    Organization and implementation of participative workshops
    Organization and realization of interviews with main actors involved
    Elaboration of recommendations and review of the planning system for improvement
    Evaluation of the design of the programme and elaboration of recommendations for the future approach of the Danish cooperation

    Ideaborn provided the following 3 experts:
    International expert in access to justice and human rights
    Local expert in national legislation and constitutional law
    International expert: engineering and financial management

    Moreover it provided logistic support in the organisation of field activities as well as in the collection and analysis of relevant background documents.