International consultants in Human rights

Access to human rights requires the coordinated work of the public sector, the private sector and civil society. Ideaborn works to strengthen the synergies between these three sectors.

For that purpose Ideaborn structures its work in two areas, one dedicated to Civil Society and the other to the Rule of Law. This allows us to cover an entire cycle, which goes from the dissemination of human rights to the re-socialisation of ex-convicts. In between, we consider the accompaniment towards the bettering of the formal and informal offer in conflict resolution. This allows us to reach an ensemble of issues linked by a common thread, which is the progressive access of the most vulnerable population to fundamental rights. We called this cycle the Cycle of Justice.

In the Civil Society sector our input starts with the support to the formation in alienable rights, which each human person has, in particular those who are at higher risk of suffering breaches of these rights. Amongst them, we highlight issues related to gender.

We continue our action on a second level by supporting the coordination and efficiency of initiatives from the state, civil society and private enterprise for the development of joint actions to improve the offer of basic services as well as culture and sports at the local level. Actions we consider as very relevant in the field of primary crime prevention and for the support of the reinsertion of crime victims as well as perpetrators.

In the Area of the Rule of Law, we work by supporting state institutions in the bettering of the offer of Justice as well as in the coordination with the offer and supervision and monitoring mechanisms which civil society offers. In this area we work to strengthen the purely judicial cycle and the contribution of the police, the Public Ministry and the Judicial Power to said cycle.

In the same manner we contribute to improve the penitentiary system and the coordination between ordinary justice and alternative mechanisms for conflict resolution and alternatives to jail sentences.

Jaume Guardans

Director and Founder